Understanding the Basics of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Game


For those players who are unaware of this game, this article will help them significantly before they boot up the game. It is imperative at their part to understand the basics of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War to fight using genuine cold war hacks.

Steps to start the game

After launching this game, you will see the title screen. You need to follow the on-screen command and accept the agreement to continue.

  • In the very beginning, you need to determine whether you want to get the graphic content enabled or not. You may find some content in the beginning that may be disturbing for you especially in the campaign part. You can disable this option or skip to move on to the next step. In case you want to enable graphic content, then you can do it through the settings menu.
  • Adjust the brightness of the game and its area. You need to do it in accordance with your screen and gaming environment. In case you do not find it up to the mark, then you can adjust it in the game as well.
  • You need to create an Activision account; you can sign in if you already have one. Your Activision account will provide you the flexibility to connect with your friends and share your game progress through multiple platforms. In case you do not have any Activision account, then you can create it here. You will also have an option not to sign into the game, you can skip this step, but you have to play game in off-line mode.


The single player version is a wonderful narrative and it includes the comeback of Alex Mason, Jason Hudson and Frank Woods. While playing as Mason, you can create your own operative and join a task force to deal with the global threat. This global threat is known as “Perseus”, a Soviet agent is back after decades of dormancy.


The multiplayer experience of Call of Duty has loads of fun and competitive modes. You can customize the load outs. You can fight along with other members of Call of Duty community.


In this mode, you are with three other operators working as an international response team to investigate and suppress supernatural enemies. You can search for more cold war hacks on the internet.

You will come face to face with the Omega group, this is a Soviet led organization and they are harnessing these supernatural anomalies for their benefit.

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