Where to buy the best Sky3ds to play 3DS Games in Italy?


3DS games are free to play with the Sky3ds in Italia and any other countries. Here to introduce you the best Sky3ds card and the reliable site to buy it in Italy or Italia.

Best Sky3ds to play 3DS Games

The best sky3ds is V3 Sky3ds, also called Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus. This Sky3ds card is very different from the old versions, it has 2 orange buttons, is updatable with firmware, supporting 3ds games with Anti Piracy check, and another important feature, the sky3ds can work with Skydock tool to play 3ds games online without Ban risk.

How you can play 3ds games with the latest version Sky3ds? The setup has been much easier than before as well, just to complete the following 4 steps, you can play free 3DS Games via Sky3ds V3 in minutes.

  1. Format a SD Card or SDHC card for Sky3ds. exFat is Good.
  2. Go to sky3dsplus.net to download Sky3ds firmware, the latest version is V140.
  3. Unzip the firmware to get a firmware.bin file, drag and copy it to the SD Card root directory.
  4. Download .3ds roms to SD Card root directory too, insert the SD card to Sky3ds, Sky3ds to 3DS console, then you can play free 3DS Games.

Where to buy Sky3ds in Italy or Italia?

In Italy or Italia, there isn’t any local physical store to buy the best Sky3ds. But don’t worry, there are many online retailers selling the Sky3ds flashcards to customers living in the worldwide, for the Italians, you must want to choose a Italian store. So here I recommend you the Modswitchit.com and Italiamods.com.

Both Modswitchit and Italiamod are official resellers of Sky3ds, Modswitchit has both old Sky3ds and Sky3ds V3 in stock while the Italiamod has only the best Sky3ds. Of course you should choose to buy the Sky3ds plus card, because the old Sky3ds is the out-dated version and can’t play many 3DS Games Sky3ds+ support.

Buy Sky3ds from Italiamod.com is much more recommended, this site sells Sky3ds with cheaper price, support Shipping from EU or express DHL shipment, so you can get the Sky3ds card in 7 days in Italy.

If you decide to buy Sky3ds in Italiamods site, I found you the Voucher code, it’s “NL32G51Z”.

Why to buy the Sky3ds, not R4 3DS or Stargate 3ds for playing 3ds games?

The Sky3ds V3 is your best choice to play free Nintendo 3DS games on any 3DS, 2DS, NEW 3DS and NEW 3DS XL consoles. It’s better than any R4 3DS or the Stargate 3ds card, why, here are the reasons.

  • R4 3DS only plays Nintendo DS games, it doesn’t support the 3DS Games that you want to play on Nintendo 3DS.
  • Stargate 3DS official site is already closed, no update and no after-sale service.
  • Stargate 3DS doesn’t play 3DS Games with Anti-Piracy check, but Sky3ds card play All 3DS Games(exclude eshop).

So though R4 3DS and Stargate 3ds are much cheaper than Sky3ds, you are not recommended to buy any of them to play 3DS Games. Only the best Sky3ds card is your solution to play free Nintendo 3ds games. It’s easy to use, simple to operate, and safe to play online.

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