The Dark Wizard debuted in season 1 and is moving forward into mu online season 15; the character has a variety of hostile spells that can vanquish any man or brute in a matter of seconds. Albeit ground-breaking, a significant number of these spells expect time to discover just as colossal measures of vitality to ace and a lot of mana to cast.

A few men take a stab at physical flawlessness. Others would prefer to twist the laws of nature to profit their motivation. The Dark Wizard can order the components to destroy his adversaries. He can likewise call upon the spirits to help him. A great many people are careful about the forces of the Dark Wizard and as a rule, disregard them. Be that as it may, others wrongly think them an obvious objective because of their powerless height. Be that as it may, numerous warriors have abruptly been inundated on fire before arriving at a Dark Wizard.

A very much created Dark Wizard can develop to turn into a Spirit Ace and cause gigantic harm with the “Nova” spell, hitting with more than 5000 purposes of harm, far higher than most Dark Knights can accomplish. Dark Wizards, be that as it may, have the least guarded force accessible to any of different classes, which makes physical battle hard for any level. They are helpful in parties, nonetheless, having the option to hit from a separation with ground-breaking spells. Lower level DWs must settle on a troublesome decision in applying detail focuses: they have to develop their Vitality details so as to cast more elevated level spells however need adequate quality so as to employ all the more impressive staff and wear more elevated level reinforcement.


The Dark Knight debuted in season 1 and is moving forward into mu online season 15; the character is the most famous character, in all probability due to its attention on the unadulterated physical battle. Dark Knights have normally high HP, incredible weapons, and the best reinforcement. This makes them well-prepared to be the essential aggressor in a gathering.

These devoted warriors train perpetually to consummate their blade procedures. They channel their high Spryness and Physical Quality details into direct and zone assaults like Winding Cut, Demise Wound, and Rageful Blow. One of the initial three classes you can play that requires no level to open.

During their brilliant age, the secretive request of dark knights battled for the insurance of the residents of MU. In any case, those occasions have since a long time ago passed. Because of numerous wars, the request was destroyed. Presently the dark knights have become soldiers of fortune to advance their own benefit. Some have meandered the land so as to sharpen their aptitude flawlessly, while others proceed to attempt to carry equity to a period of torment and languishing. However, one thing is sure; the dark knights of MU are sights to see a contributed fight.

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