How To Play Mahjong Game With The Basic Rules?


Mahjong is a popular tile-matching game that has certain numbers of regional variations, ranging from the Chinese prevailing wind system to American mahjong along with bingo-like scoring cards. Before performing in any variant, it would be better for players to learn the basics so that they can well-perform in the given-tasks.

However, players have a prominent objective in the Mahjong Game is to get mahjong, which consists of getting all 14 tiles into four sets and a single pair. By doing this, one can get some awesome In-Game Items as a reward that help every now and then.

How to play Mahjong Game?

Before playing a Mahjong game, every individual should learn the basics regarding different variants, how many players are able to play, components and etc. Here we will discuss some points in the upcoming points. If you are looking for the best tile-matching game that has a great reward and bonus system then nothing is better than mahjong.


The basic game is only played with four different skilled players. There are variants where three players eligible to play.


The Mahjong consists of total 136 tiles, including 36 playable characters with 36 bamboos and 36 circles, which are the suits. These are dividing into four sets of numbers 1 to 9 in each suit. Also, the game also contains 16 wind tiles and 12 dragon tiles.


The process of playing tile-matching or popular Mahjong game begins with the dealer. The dealer gives the opportunity to the players to sit according to their tile. Modern gamers may simply roll the dice to try their luck to match the similar color tiles.

Scoring points!

Simple scoring awards one point to whoever achieved the mahjong and won the hand. Meanwhile, the entire scoring process will be based on the player’s character performing style that how much time takes to match the similar tiles, how much time takes to level up, and many more.

If the player’s hero is completing the given-tasks within a given time-period by destroying entire obstacles, then it becomes easier to make more and more scores with fewer efforts. Due to the certain number of scoring variations, every individual should be careful with the scoring rules in order to go ahead through the course of the mahjong game. If you want to play the best tile-matching game and deal with special offers from time to time then you must opt for mahjong at least once.

The Final Words!

All the simple points as mentioned-above are very mandatory for players to understand because it gives them an idea to make more and more scores while playing time. Eventually, the players should try to get high-score by matching the tiles so that it becomes easier to win more and more achievements with fewer efforts.

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