How Game Developers Make You Spend More Time Playing?


Have you ever noticed that popular online games seem to be endless? Even projects that have some kind of a plot don’t finish when you complete the final quest. Instead, they provide you with access to high-level content, say, PvP zones for the best players. But why is that happening? When buying a single-player title, you make 1 large payment and enjoy the game as much as you wish. Online projects follow a totally different model – free-to-play (also called pay-to-win).

What Is FTP and How Does It Influence Character Development?

When creating free-to-play games, companies aren’t gaining any revenues directly from selling the title. Instead, their profits are coming from multiple sources: microtransactions, advertising, subscription fees, and many others. Although they are different, all these revenue channels have one feature in common – for them to function successfully, long-term player engagement must be guaranteed. To ensure that you’ll stay in the game for longer, developers use several tricks. Here are just a few of them:

  • Endless farming. Want that shiny new armor? Go and kill 100 wolves to receive one piece from the set of 5. Farming is present in all MMORPGs as it keeps you playing for years.
  • Repetitive tasks. To develop your character in most online games, you’ll need to complete identical quests over and over again. Gather 20 items here, collect 30 objects there, kill 50 wolves, wild boars, or goblins, and so on. On paper, they may not look the same, but, in fact, all these missions are absolutely identical.
  • Regular updates. Have you already obtained the best items, completed all dungeons, and spent hundreds of hours in PvP? Well, here’s an update that adds some more content! Popular MMORPGs stay around for decades releasing updates regularly.

Is There a Way to Progress Faster?

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