4 Tips to Cheat at Laser Tag Game


Normally, cheating at the Laser tag Singapore game equates to tactics on how to win at Laser Tag. So, can someone cheat when playing Laser Tag?

As a Laser fanatic, I bet you had been longing to know some of the extensive tips one can employ to cheat while playing laser games, right?

If this is you, you are at the right place.

In this post, we’ve primarily dug deeper to bring you some of the best tips you can employ and cheat while playing this game. So, use the following tips to become a pro each time you play Laser tag game:

  1. Hide your sensor to escape an easy attack
  2. Hide your gun’s laser
  3. Reboot your vest to delete the machine memory of getting shot
  4. Make use of the BIRRD machine

Hide your sensor to escape an easy attack

Note some laser tag locations might knock you out of the game when they catch you cheating.

So, to cover your sensor, you can utilize something like a tac or tape which is invisible. Therefore, before returning the equipment, always ensure to take it off.

Hide your gun’s laser

Hiding your gun’s laser essentially helps you to hide or cover your location so that your opponent cannot see you. The laser aids you to guide your shot. So, if you can shoot without it, then you can hide your laser using tape or tac.

Therefore, when you cover your gun’s laser, it will help you hide from your opponent and seal your location as well.

Reboot your vest to delete the machine memory of getting shot

To do this, you have to unplug and plug a wire back to facilitate the process. This wire is always located on the recharging socket. You have to be alert not to be caught with it.

Therefore, this act will still ensure your previous data is saved.

Make use of the BIRRD machine

The BIRRD machine normally runs likes a TV remote, in the sense that you cannot see the laser that it shoots especially when your computer is on and off.

In addition, you can set a laser gun code into your BRRD and use it not to be noticed by your opponents.

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